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Over the past years, Omega Title Group LLC has created a trustworthy reputation by accurately and efficiently transferring title for our clients. We have taken the approach that all parties involved in every closing is a team. This value has allowed us to hold over six thousands successful closings. Regardless if you are a lender, agent, broker, or a home buyer/seller, you will need a well-educated company to rely on with all of your title needs. We're dedicated to being a one-stop title insurance company that provides our clients with low cost title insurance, escrow, and complete closings.


Omega Title Group LLC provides world class service from beginning to end. Since our inception, our emphasis was providing title insurance, while meeting the individual needs of each party in the transaction. With the first office based out of SW Florida, we have expanded to provide low cost title service to the entire state of Florida.

Our diligent and professional staff monitors every transaction, and efficiently handles difficult title situations such as final judgments, death without probate, and any other issues that might arise. We understand purchase or sale of real estate is one of the most important investment decisions you will make; Omega Title Group LLC looks forward to making that decision memorable for all the right reasons.

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